Sequin Fabric 45" wide

Pretty in purple, this polyester sequin fabric is sure to add pizzazz to any costume, from dance recital dresses to fun purses to Halloween costumes! The lovely metallic sheen is offset beautifully by the see-through polyester backing. Perfect for layering, it’s a very light weight but surprisingly resistant to tearing. A lovely, liquid draping quality adds to the enchantment, and the texture of smooth round sequins against rough, loosely woven fabric gives it a characteristic and interesting feel. Pair it up with other fabrics for the best results--perhaps with something of low sheen to add a bit of pop, or even something satiny and shiny to enhance the effect!

Polka dot fabric 60" wide

Polka dot fabric 60" wide. Polyester Cotton blend $5.99/yard

For apparel dresses, table cloth, curtains